Illustration of me working on laptop

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Lionel. I'm 34 years old, living in Calgary, Canada.
I'm a professional DevOps Engineer, currently working as a DevOps Consultant with Apoti Tech Inc.

In general I really love to learn new things. My favourite kind of holiday is a roadtrip with a family and or friends, doing lots of hikes in nature and going for a swim in the sea at the end of the day!
When I'm on my computer learning new things, I like outdoors. I play Tennis, cycle a lot, and I go for the occasional run.

I have a MSc in Geology and studied Computer Sciences myself. I chose the Computer field and continued with it due to my love and passion for it. I remember going to CHICS Buea in 1996-97 to learn how to use DOS. My intro to IT!
After graduating with my MSc, I worked for the startup Planet IT and got started as a Linux, System Admin, my role was to manage our servers as well as that of our clients.
It was some years after this that I got into DevOps and then travelled out to Calgary Canada.

You can read more about my work in the **portfolio** section .