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Add Five Free Cloud and DevOps Badges to Improve Your Resume in 2023

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Welcome to the world of DevOps and Cloud Computing!

To keep ahead in this competitive environment, you must constantly enhance your abilities and demonstrate your knowledge with certificates and badges.

Once you get these certifications, and your resume will look a whole lot better.

Completing these credentials not only distinguishes you from the crowd. You will also obtain knowledge and comprehension of the following cutting-edge technologies:

I’ve mentioned it several times in prior writings, and I’ll mention it again here.

In the world of today, the battle for success is not solely between an educated and an uneducated person.

Rather, it is the difference between an educated person who stops learning and one who continually attempts to widen their perspectives through learning.

Before we begin, remember one final thing:


Here we Go!!!!

1 - AWS Cloud Quest

This platform offers a role-playing learning game which will aid in the development of practical Cloud skills.

Completing all Cloud Practitioner assignments will give you a digital badge. AWS Cloud Quest digital badges allow you to show recruiters and peers your solution-building expertise.

You will study and apply cloud principles to real-world business problems while earning rewards and altering the city using the AWS platform.

📌Get started with AWS Cloud today!


2 - Free Kubernetes Training

If you are new to Big Data, Kubernetes is a technology that you cannot afford to overlook.

Kubernetes can help you easily and efficiently design and maintain modern applications. Exercising the following credential allows you to gain basic or advanced Kubernetes abilities at your own pace.

And win significant badges at the end of each lab.

With each release, the Kubernetes community improves and adds new capabilities to the platform, making it more powerful and versatile.

📌Get Started with Kubernetes today!


3 - Introduction to GitOps

If you’re unfamiliar with DevOps, you’ve probably heard about GitOps.

GitOps is a new and exciting approach to manage infrastructure and application deployments that provides a streamlined, collaborative, and secure DevOps experience.

What you will learn -

Here, you will learn how GitOps can let you deploy to a Kubernetes environment with a simple git pull request. Understand the fundamental principles, practises, tools, and advantages of using GitOps.

📌Get started with GitOps today!

4 - GitOps Fundamentals

GitOps is a common current way to deploying and managing cloud-native apps in the software sector.

Course Syllabus

This course will teach you the essentials of GitOps using ArgoCD and Argo Rollouts. You can automate your deployment process and keep your applications up to date and working smoothly. Why not give it a try today?

📌Click here to get started with GitOps!


5 - ACA Cloud Computing Certification

Expertise in cloud computing can be demonstrated with the ACA Cloud Computing Certification, which is widely recognised in the field.

Here is a comprehensive learning route that will help you grasp Alibaba Cloud core products, gain Clouder badges and certificates, and qualify for a free ACA Cloud Certification exam.

This course covers a variety of subjects —

Cloud computing ideas, architecture, design, and deployment are all covered.

This certification is ideal if you want to enhance your career in the Cloud.

📌Click here & get Started with ACA Cloud!


That’s it for today! Enjoy ❤

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