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5 Free ML Certifications that will BOOST Any Resume!

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Continuous learning in any field is important for your career.

Online learning platforms are ideal for staying current in the industry and learning new skills. There are numerous courses available on platforms such as YouTube, Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Edex, and others.

So, what’s the issue here? —

Actually, most courses are paid-$ and others are free, but it is uncertain whether or not they are appropriate for you. This wastes a significant amount of your studying time!

I’ve brought one of the top courses with credentials for you down here. The domain of the courses is related to 👇👇👇:

So let’s get started😄!

1. Deep Learning Fundamentals

Kaggle is the largest online data community in the world.

Where data scientists and machine learning fans work together and compete to solve tough data-driven issues. Experts will teach you how to build machine learning models with TensorFlow and Keras.

In addition to the foregoing, this Deep Learning Course will train Neural Networks for structure data.

Click Here to get started🚀🚀

2. Python Programming Fundamentals (CISCO)

What if I have to start learning Python from the beginning?

This course will serve as the starting point for my adventure. It’s an excellent education for beginners. There are no prerequisites. It will take your basic idea to the next level. Learn Python from the ground up and gain a CISCO certification.

Click Here to get started! 🚀🚀

3. Python Machine Learning

Dive into the fundamentals of machine learning with Python.

This course teaches the fundamentals of machine learning using a simple and well-known programming language. You will examine real-world instances of ML and how it influences society in unexpected ways!

To avoid the question, “What is going on?”

This course provides a comprehensive review of Supervised and Unsupervised learning, statistical models in relation to machine learning, and many other concepts that a machine learning engineer should be familiar with.

Click Here to get started!🚀🚀

4. Google’s Machine Learning Crash Course

One of the most well-known courses is available for free from Google.

If you’re interested in machine learning, you should have your theory concepts right. This course will teach you how to use machine learning fundamentals and gain real-world experience.

You’ll compete in Kaggle and learn what it’s like to be an ML engineer.

Click Here to get started! 🚀🚀

5. Data Flair Python Training

Data Flair is a top online training and teaching platform!

In this course, you will work with a perfect balance of in-depth Python theoretical knowledge and a strong practical skill set to begin your career as a Python developer.

You will receive Real-Time Python Project Experience, allowing you to land the best Python job.

Click Here to get started! 🚀🚀

That’s all for today. 👋

Thank you for reading to the end!

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